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A renowned computational scientist, systems engineer, academic, and corporate consultant, Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones has achieved many successes throughout her three-decade career. Now, Dr. Jones is also an entrepreneur and has established O Analytics - a technology solutions company where she also serves as the Senior Scientist and Head of Research.

As an expert in her field, Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones has been interviewed on entrepreneurship and her new technological venture. One of her interviews is found here:

This interview focused on O Analytics and Dr. Jones’ insights on business and strategy. Dr. Jones discusses O Analytics works from a revenue model that seeks to provide services, design products, and the use of these services and products in the areas of computation, scientific exploration, design validation, evaluation, and assessment.

As for marketing strategies, Dr. Jones believes that the provision of quality services and products is the fundamental element in businesses as a whole. Once the quality is assured, businesses are able to expand existing customer relationships and reach new customers as well. Customer feedback is important too, and a strategy is required to know how the customers view the quality of the service or product that the business offers. 

On a more insightful note, she argues that the definition of success differs depending on the person. For her, success is about “setting a goal, reaching it, and starting the process all over again with an equal sense of purpose and enthusiasm.”

Similarly, another interview is found here:

In this particular interview, she states that O Analytics is inspired by “ideas that significantly improve or fill a void in our space and are supported by analytics for continuous measurement.”

When asked about how she brings her ideas to life, Dr. Jones says that she develops a strategy based on earlier work, lessons learned, and risks involved. Afterwards, it is determined whether the idea should be ‘parked’, scrapped, or moved to the next step. As to where her ideas come from, Dr. Jones says that ideas are generated when people observe a void in the environment which calls to be filled through a product or service.  

Continuous improvement and focus are the keys to business growth, according to Dr. Jones.  A noteworthy advice for those who are working on a project or a business is to devise a realistic plan which is future-proof, meaning it can adjust to changes in the environment and can effectively respond to disruptions. 

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