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 Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones earned her bachelor’s degree of Science in mathematics at Howard University, graduating magna cum laude. With two master’s degrees in numerical science and technical management, she earned both degrees from the Johns Hopkins University G.W.C Whiting School of Engineering.

Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones earned her doctorate in computer science at the George Washington University-School of Engineering and Applied Science. Notably, she was the first African American woman to do so.

With her passion for leadership, Dr. Jones also finished a number of other programs including the Management Development Program at Harvard University and the Executive Leadership Program at Hampton University.

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Being a mathematician and systems engineer by training, Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones established a career in the private contracting sector supporting federal and state governments, working as a computational scientist, aerospace industry engineer, systems architect, and defense and electronics systems engineer. Dr. Jones is  a firm believer in the importance of education to prepare students for the global market. Thus, she has also built a two-decade career in the academic domain. 

Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones’ academic career began in 1997 when she became a research scientist and adjunct member of the teaching faculty at the John Hopkins University computer science department. There, she taught systems programming, co-designed courses, and conducted investigative work funded by the National Security Agency.

Since 2000, Stacey has worked with numerous educational institutions in the U.S. She largely focused on improving STEM programs, which included improving the dollar value of new grants. She also engaged in education and scholarly activities in various countries including China, Cuba, India, and South Africa.

Recent Career

Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones made significant contributions in the academic sphere. Dr. Jones has taught undergraduate and graduate students a multitude of subjects including mathematics, computer science, software engineering and technical management. Dr. Jones has also expertly handled projects for curriculum development, STEM awareness, technology infrastructure, and campus information technology.